Instagram accounts of 16 million influencers in India have fake followers

Influencer promoting on Instagram is believed to achieve $2 billion by the end of this year.

India is among the highest 3 countries within the world with the most range of fake Instagram accounts. This list is topped by the U.S.A. with 49 million of such accounts, followed by Brazil with 27 million accounts, and after that India with a large amount of 16 million of fake Instagram accounts.

The reported 16 million accounts of Indian Instagram influencers apparently by artificial means boost vanity metrics that marketers typically use when selecting influencers, as well as followers and engagement.

This analysis was conducted by Swedish e-commerce start-up a Good Company and information analytics firm HypeAuditor together, who assessed 1.84 million Instagram accounts across 82 countries. The report is revealed in PRWeek.

“Companies are pouring cash into influencer promotion, thinking that they’re connecting with real people and not Russian bots. In reality, they’re pouring cash down the drain and giving away free products to someone who acquired a mass-following overnight,” Anders Ankarlid, chief executive officer of a Good Company, told PRWeek .

Marketing firm Mediakix estimated that influencer marketing on Instagram alone may reach $2 billion by the end of this year from $1 billion in 2017.

Additionally, an anonymous survey was additionally conducted with 400 influencers to find out if the quantitative figures matched up with what influencers admit to doing. Apparently, the results advised that over 60 % Instagram influencers admit to either using engagement pods, bought followers, likes or comments and that one in 5 supposed to continue doing so.

If you know about the reality show Love Island , another recent report suggested that majority of the show’s cast had high levels of fake followers, led by Amber Rose Gill with 65 % of pretend followers.
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